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Do you have an itch that none of the dirty little videos you seek out can scratch? A fantasy so perverted that it simply doesn't exist anywhere? Perhaps you want to hear me address you directly, putting you in your place and cutting you to pieces until you shoot out a little worship puddle for Princess. Well your time has come pussy boy!

I'm now accepting requests for custom clips. The tribute for these varies depending on what you want, but they typically start at £80 for 10 minutes for a POV humiliation clip - This can include any number of the props, pieces of equipment or pretty panties at my disposal!

Use the form below to send me your requests (or drop me an email at if the form doesn't work) - Once we agree the theme and payment has cleared I aim to turn around all orders within 3-4 weeks (faster turnaround can be done for an extra fee). Then you can own your own little piece of Princess Aurora's world!

**NOTE - Please don't send me extremely detailed scripts/synopsis. Just a brief overview of the themes you want to explore as well outfit requests and any key specifics to include.

Success! Message received.


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