May 22, 2016

Hey wasteoids… ever dreamt of being my date? You turning up at my house in your modest car, shirt ironed, trousers pressed, shoes polished? Box of chocolates cradled under one arm, flowers in the other as you nervously go over your opening lines? ….Your halfway up the path when all of a sudden the sprinkler system gets turned on and the dog comes bounding out of the door to chase the LOSER off my property. Hahaha! Pathetic. No, you’re far more likely to catch me on the European fetish party scene than in any re-enactment of the opening scene of ‘There’s Something About Mary’... and with that I’m going to use this blog to tell you about some of My recent exploits!





April took me to Amsterdam for Wasteland - a huge mazy warehouse of perversity with a multitude of different rooms and play areas!





I always assumed that Wasteland would be Torture Garden’s equivalent on the continent but it really is a completely different kind of party, with the European crowd giving it a unique feel.





And what a party it was - a hard dance soundtrack accompanied the many performances - with one show featuring two girls taking it to two lucky puppy-boys with the biggest strap-on’s I’ve ever seen - A truly brutal fucking... and one I’m hoping to replicate in a session soon!





The play areas are sensational too, with climbing frames for pups, dark/grope rooms, glory holes, bdsm equipment and all kinds of nooks to get naughty.





The party went on all night and your Princess was in desperate need of some TLC the next day!




Back on home turf in Manchester I visited Club Lash - now in a Friday night slot at Bangkok Bar - and Peep Show at Ruby Lounge.





Lash was as friendly and welcoming as ever. The masked ball theme went down well,  DM Mike showed me lots of new tricks with rope and one brave soul brought a single-tail whip that I got to sample - Now who is going to volunteer their ass for more training??


Organised by the team behind Sexhibition and Dystopia - Peepshow is a newcomer to the Manchester fetish scene so your inquisitive Princess went to do a little investigating...





The venue is very well thought out and tastefully decorated for the occasion - and managing to transform the Ruby Lounge from rock-dive to boudoir-sexy must be no mean feat! - with LED lights, cage style seating and and a big play area completing the illusion. A good soundtrack, a handful of old friends and a roster of performers rounded things off nicely.


One of the performers that stuck out for me was Grace Oni Smith - a trans performer/makeup artist also accompanied by The house of decay (Mother - Grace/Father - Joshua Hubbard) who often reside at Cha-Cha Boudoir…





I’ve had the pleasure of bumping into Grace and seeing her perform a few times at Cha-Cha. I won’t go into detail about what her performance consisted of but suffice to say her stage presence and creativity always amazes me and if you get the opportunity make sure you check out one (or several) of her performances!


And so completes the roundup… If you don’t just want to live vicariously through me then you can approach me respectfully if you see me at an event… Or perhaps if you’re lucky enough you could escort me to one as a slave… I hope you can handle a bullwhip though ;)


Later losers!


Princess Aurora



Extra images courtesy of Wasteland (, Peepshow ( and Grace Oni Smith (



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