My vanilla friends can't believe some of the stories I tell them about the desperate horny idiots that darken the door of the Fetish Emporium!

The depths you piggies sink to to amuse me, the degradation, the debasement - They just had to see it for themselves!

So I decided to throw a little party - Myself and three of my nearest and dearest (none of whom had any experience dominating men) on one lucky loser!

The girls were unlucky enough to witness CFNM, sissies, creamcake fucking and all manner of BDSM play - and they laughed, A LOT! So much so that the Humiliation Party is now a regular part of the social calendar!

Check bank on this page for updates of the next party, or better yet - drop me an email  to book your place. You never know, yours might be the smallest dick my friends have ever seen!


Will I be made to interact with other subs?

No, interaction is only done if it is in your interests - The slot you book is for you to be alone with myself and the girls. If you wish to stay after your slot you will be around other subs, you will not be made to do anything outside your limits.

How many girls will be there and are they really vanilla?

Depending on how many of my friends are available, I usually can get 3 girls.
They are my real life friends and live normal lives, they come to my parties to be exposed to the depravity of men and be shown the power women hold.

What will the girls do?

The girls are not mistresses, they are my friends. They are here to watch, laugh and enjoy the day. If they take an interest in anything I am doing they can get involved. This is never a guarantee and remember you are there to entertain them not the other way around.

Will I be filmed or photographed?

No! Unless you specifically ask for this you will not be recorded in any way at all

Can I reserve a spot for the party?

To reserve a spot you need to pay a deposit - the spaces are limited and fill up fast so I can’t hold spaces. I only take deposits once the party has been announced.

I can never make a weekend party, would you do a weekday?

The girls all have 9-5 jobs so a weekday is out of the question. On very rare occasions I can set up a one on one session. However the cost of this is significantly more and I can’t guarantee the number of girls that would join.

I’m not into verbal humiliation, can I still come?

If verbal humiliation is something that offends you, this party is not for you. The entire ethos of this day is for men to experience the lowest of lows in front of my beautiful friends. To recreate the schoolyard bullies that love to taunt and tease. It gets MEAN!! If you are easily offended, stay at home cry wanking on pornhub.

mean girls party wip
Manchester Humiliation Party Fun
Humiliation party 7_edited
Manchester Humiliation PArty
Manchester Strapon Party
Manchester Mistress Party
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Cheerleader Humiliation
Swirly For Piggy!
Humiliation Party 4 Poster
CFNM Humiliatrix
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CFNM Manchester
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Mean Girls Party Poster