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IH48 - Financial Ruin Anal Ruin and Tota
IH60 - Cum and belong to me.gif

I know many of you have been enquiring about my availability during the lockdown 2 - What better way to pass the time than to debase yourself for my amusement, right? Well I feel the same way! I've been bored to tears, stuck at home spinning my monster dildos, wondering when I'll be able to stick it to you pervs again.

Well the wait is over, I'm pleased to announce I will be offering sessions again from 12th April 2021

There are a few new rules to follow to make everything work safely, but I know you love it when I'm in charge, so here we go: 

The Fetish Emporium is committed to keeping everyone safe. All play areas, door handles, toilets and pieces of equipment are thoroughly sanitised after every use.

Upon arrival you will be asked to take a shower. Towels, shower gel and hand sanitiser will of course be provided.

No spitting or any worship with mouth (foot/leg) will be permitted.

In regards to Sissy - only one outfit will be permitted (unless you bring your own).
No makeup can be done (unless you bring your own and it will be only eye makeup)

If you are clearly unwell when you arrive you will be refused entry and will lose your booking/deposit. Please be sensible, sessions can be moved with advance notice (at least 48 hours) if you are unwell.

The above rules are non-negotiable and are essential to allow us to conduct sessions safely. They will be in place until further notice.

And that's it! Contact me here to arrange a session.

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